West Hollywood Koi Fish Pond Cleaning

When it comes to koi fish pond maintenance in West Hollywood, nobody performs better with fishpond cleaning in West Hollywood than WCWG. It does not matter who built your koi pond in West Hollywood, it will need cleaning in order for it to maintain a safe environment for your koi fish and pond plants, whether it is once a week, twice a month, or yearly. You will need West Hollywood koi pond cleaning and management services.

Always remember that a koi fish pond is much more than just a backyard decoration, a koi pond in West Hollywood, CA is a living and breathing entity completely alive and apart of the world and needs loving care just like a dog or a cat in order to survive the natural elements and weather of West Hollywood.


West Hollywood Pond Maintenance Includes

  • West Hollywood pond algae control
  • Inspection of West Hollywood koi fish pond pumps
  • West Hollywood cleaning and inspection of koi fish pond pump and basket
  • West Hollywood cleaning and inspection of skimmer net and pond basket
  • West Hollywood skimming top and bottom of pond for leaves and debris
  • Trimming and fertilization of aquatic pond plants at your West Hollywood home
  • Koi fish health inspection at your West Hollywood fish pond
  • Adding water and any needed additives like beneficial bacteria, chlorinator or algaecides to your West Hollywood koi pond
  • Checking of West Hollywood koi pond, equipment, and streams or waterfall for potential leaks

West Hollywood Koi Pond Repair

Very commonly we get phone calls and emails with a worried West Hollywood pond owner on the other end with a leaking pond in West Hollywood, fractured pond waterfall, or a pond pump which is not operational. We have dealt with it all in West Hollywood. Many times an older West Hollywood pond may need to be advanced to a better koi pond filtration system in West Hollywood or have a new West Hollywood energy efficient pond pump connected. We have the utensils and awareness to fix just about anything in your West Hollywood koi pond environment.